Couscous & Chickpea Salad

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Couscous is an ancient grain full of wonderful nutrients and minerals that are hard to find in other food sources. It is a brilliant source of fiber, can help lower your cholesterol and help to stabilise your blood sugar levels. It is a carbohydrate, and it does contain gluten, so if you are a bit intolerant to wheat then it might be a good idea to use the JAR red or white quinoa as a substitute.

Interestingly, the couscous we get here has actually been precooked. This makes it a super easy thing to cook at home. It just needs to be soaked in a boiling broth or stock, covered for 5 minutes and then fluffed with a fork. I usually fluff it with a little bit of olive oil to ensure the grains separate nicely.

You can add any seasonal stone fruit, here I have used yellow cling peaches, gooseberries from my garden and a white nectarine. I also used finely sliced baby leeks, but if you can only find spring onions these will work too. 

For the vinaigrette you just need to keep your ration in mind - 1 part of acid to 2 parts oil. I used lemon juice and olive oil that I seasoned with some homemade celery salt. It is a good idea to let your couscous sit in the vinaigrette overnight to really infuse. 

To serve, you toss together your couscous and vinaigrette mixture with your chopped fruit and leeks and some mixed herbs if you have them and serve, it really couldn’t be simpler and it’s easy to substitute with whatever ingredients you have. And the best part? It’s totally delicious. 

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