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The year 2020, has been a whirlwind to say the least, with many people looking forward to the holiday season which is upon us. The holidays are a time of joy, a time of celebration with loved ones, sharing laughs over potluck dinners, bonding over surprise secret Santa gifts & ringing in the New Year with some bubbly drinks. This time of the year is filled with holiday spirit & new memories made with family & friends.

However the most wonderful time of the year, is also the most wasteful. The festive season can be a time of overindulgence & over-consumption. From Christmas decorating to gifts, there is an endless list of festive ‘must haves’ promising to be key to a special Festive Season.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. Being mindful during this festive season doesn’t need to dampen your holiday spirit. Check out some of the ways you can be eco-conscious this festive season.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorations:

  • Christmas Tree: There are many conflicting opinions as to which is more sustainable - real or artificial Christmas tree. Both have their pros and cons which don’t necessarily outweigh the other. Our advice is to use your own discretion & consider which one will have the lowest impact.  The most sustainable tree you can get is one that already exists.  If you (or someone you know) already has an artificial tree, than use that one. Another option is to buy a secondhand artificial one which can be reused or alternatively use a potted tree that can then be planted after the holidays.

  • Christmas Tree Decorations: Reuse decorations from previous years or get crafty & make your own from eco-friendly materials such as glass, wood, metal, fabric or clay.

  • Table Decorations: Use natural materials or whatever festive foliage you can find in house or garden eg.fruit, potted plants, acorns, pine cones, drift wood or leaves to make rustic centre pieces for the table or grab some wire and try your hand at wreath making. Be sure to use fabric napkins which can be reused the year after. Finish your table off with a sprinkle of Christmas seeded confetti (Growing Paper) which can then be planted afterwards.

  • Gift Wrapping: Switch to eco-alternatives for wrapping paper (avoid foil & glittery paper). This can be wrapping paper made from recycled paper, newspaper, kraft paper, reusable gift bags, stockings, fabric, sheets/napkins or reusable boxes. Forget Christmas cards/tags or opt for seeded cards (Growing Paper) which can be planted, should you wish to give card. Switch cellotape for biodegradable tape or use a reusable cloth ribbon.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas:

  • Give an experience, not a gift: Painting/pottery/cooking class or concert ticket.

  • Invest in quality gifts that are needed and that will last.

  • Membership: Gym membership or Netflix subscription

  • Donate to a charity: In their name.

  • Edible gifts: Instead of buying gifts, why not try your hand at making them? Christmas cookies in a jar, candied nuts, baked goods or if you’re really adventurous a gingerbread house.

  • Environmental gifting ideas from J.A.R: Rather than overloading on plastic this Christmas, buy eco-friendly products instead.

Zero Waste Gifts for Beauty & Skincare

  • Organic Reusable Cotton Rounds: Eco-friendly gift idea for any beauty lover. These are a great alternative to disposable cotton products. A set of 10 Msulwa Life’s Reusable Facial Rounds – perfect to keep your skin (and planet) clean. Made from blends of bamboo cotton, organic cotton & hemp cotton. Instead of tossing them in the bin after use, toss them in your laundry mesh wash bag, wash them, & reuse them over & over again, without the guilt of sending to the landfill.

  • Konjac Sponges: The perfect little stocking filler. Sustainable Green Heart or Purple Round Konjac sponge derived from the Konjac Root (porous vegetable that grows in Asia). Non-toxic and biodegradable facial cleansing sponge.

  • Candy Cane Soap: A simple, yet classic gift for the clean enthusiast. Lowveld Soap Company has added a special Christmas themed soap to their range. Handcrafted with love, using only vegetable oils with no preservatives.  The Candy Cane bar with a twist of lovely mint smells.


Christmas Beauty Gifts


 Zero Waste Gifts for the Hair Care Lover

  • Shampoo Bar: Great gift for anyone who is either ready to start their zero waste journey or has been on it for a long time. ‘Ditch the bottle, use the bar’. Be Bare Shampoo Bars are packed with wonderful, natural ingredients like coconut & castor oil and cocao & coconut butters to gently cleanse and care for your hair. They offer different formulas with varying scents & purposes. Whether the person has oily/ dry hair we have the bar for them.

  • Conditioner Bar: Gifting someone a shampoo bar? Why not add a conditioner bar as well? Be Bare Conditioner Bars have detangling powers that will soften and smooth the most damaged, dry & knotted hair, leaving your locks silky, nourished & manageable. Why not turn your haircare routine into a more sustainable one?


Zero Waste Hair Care Products


Zero Waste Gifts for Oral Hygiene/ Traveler

  • Natural Bamboo Toothbrush: Great gift for a zero waste newbie or sustainable expert or someone in between. The Woobamboo toothbrushes have the exact same function as the conventional plastic toothbrush, except made from compostable bamboo. A bonus is that bamboo is also a natural antimicrobial, anti-fungal & antibacterial. Less plastic, less pollution, less guilt!

  • Eco-friendly Dental Floss: Works like conventional floss except it’s made from sustainable & compostable resources. Msulwa Life’s completely natural, plastic-free, plant-based dental floss made from organic corn silk (Vegan) coated in natural candelilla wax & flavoured with nautral mint.
    Woobamboo Silk Dental floss is made from natural Ahimsa silk, beeswax and organic mint leaf.

  • Toothpaste Bits: Earthly’s Toothpaste Bits are a great stocking filler! Slightly different from tube toothpaste, pop one in your mouth, chew, then brush like you normally would for 2 minutes.
    Sustainable Dental Products

Zero Waste Gifts for any Home or Kitchen

  • Beeswax & Soy Wraps: Eco-friendly, non- toxic alternative to plastic wrap. Great gift for people who are always cooking and sharing meals with others. Made with locally sourced cotton, bee’s wax and organic coconut oil, designed to store & keep food fresh. Each Wrap contains 3 wraps- small, medium & large. Looking for a Vegan option? We stock Soy Wax Wraps as well, made from unbleached hemp fabric infused with soy wax & coconut oil.

  • Eco-Roller Towels: Msulwa Life’s Eco-Roller Towels is your eco-friendly alternative to paper towels and a must have in every kitchen/household. Each Eco-Roller towel comes with 16 absorbent, durable & edged towels, rolled onto a strong custom made cardboard core, which fits perfectly onto a handmade walnut/oak wooden towel holder. Choose from one of our fun designs: The Bee’s knees, Tooty Fruity or a Surprise Roll.

  • Stasher Bags: Put Ziploc bags behind you & buy a Stasher bag - endlessly reusable, self sealing and food safe. Made from 100% pure silicone and free from any BPAs, phthalates & latex. Comes in a variety of sizes and colours to suit your needs. Great for storing, cooking and freezing!

  • Safix Scrub Pad: A zero waste gift for any home! This product was designed to be a great eco-friendly solution to scrubbing dishes. Whether you use the regular or large scrub pad, it really is an awesome compostable tool for cleaning any surface, made completely of coconut fibres.

  • Kitchen-Scrubbies: Perfect practical gift idea. Msulwa Life’s reusable Scrubbies replace plastic non-biodegradabe sponges / dish clothes which have a limited lifespan. Made from recycled cotton, the scrub sets have a thick strong weave perfect for kitchen use. Each Eco-Scrubbie set includes 1 crochet square & 1 crochet round, both looped and easy to hang and dry. Alternatively, use your Eco-Scrubbie as a Personal Scrubbie for cleansing & light exfoliation instead.


Zero Waste Home and Kitchen Gifts


Aiming for a zero-waste Christmas doesn’t mean giving up your beloved Christmas tree or sending a gift. It simply means being mindful of your impact on the environment and doing what you can to reduce waste. There are so many eco-friendly decorations & gift ideas out there. Choosing an eco-gift with upcycled or minimal wrapping is what we should be looking for, as it forms a big part of being sustainable and environmentally aware. Make a difference while still enjoying the holidays you love.

J.A.R is wishing you & your family a festive season full of happiness & good health. Enjoy!