Frequently Asked Questions

J.A.R is short for Just About Refills. Our mission is to provide quality products with an affordable, simple, convenient & plastic free shopping experience. We aim to encourage and highlight the importance of sustainable living by acting as a RE-fill station for pantry staples and earth friendly cleaning products.

We are committed to reducing single use plastic waste not only in the Lowveld but throughout South Africa. Absolute zero environmental impact is not possible, but we strive to minimise our impact where we can. You can order eco-friendly products online anytime of day, to be delivered to your door.

We aim to source locally as much as possible. If there are products we do not offer, let us know and we will do our best to source it for you.

At this time we are an online only shop offering nationwide delivery throughout South Africa. We are looking into a click and collect option for local customers.

Dry Goods: Choose from a variety of pantry staples and receive them in either a glass jar (purchased in our containers section), or your product will come in a complimentary compostable brown paper bag, where you can simply decant into your own airtight container to maintain freshness.

Liquid Products: Oils, hand & body soap, sanitiser & cleaning products come in glass unless an aluminium bottle has been purchased. For our White River & Nelspruit customers we offer a bottle exchange. At your next purchase, your order will be delivered and we will collect your empty bottles. Alternatively collect 10 bottles & exchange it with us for one free refill of your choice. 

*Johannesburg customers will have a drop-off location and can participate in our 10 bottle exchange program or keep bottles for household use. We are currently working on a bottle exchange program for all other provinces.

Not a problem, send an email to and we can discuss wholesale RE-fillable options.