EACO Biodegradable Pads - Just About Refills
EACO Biodegradable Pads - Just About Refills

EACO Biodegradable Pads

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The average woman creates between 125kg-150kg of feminine product waste over her lifetime as normal pads are not biodegradable, which causes serious environmental degradation.

  • 1 plastic sanitary pad consists of the same amount of plastic as 4 plastic shopping packets!

Pack Size:

Day: x10

Night: x8

EACO pads are an environmentally friendly corn and bamboo fibre sanitary napkin. The 3 layered structure includes a top layer of non-woven corn and bamboo fibre that is gentle on skin, a middle layer is a wood pulp absorption core and the third layer is corn fibre biodegradable leakage-free film.

The pad is simple, safe and easy to use, and the setting of the corn and bamboo fibre is natural antibacterial and biodegradable. Offering you a super soft, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, allergy free, eco-friendly product.