Multipurpose, anti-bacterial Cleaning spray

JAR Multipurpose Cleaner

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Our planet-friendly, multipurpose cleaner is an acetic acid (vinegar) based cleaning spray naturally fragranced with a bit of citrus, rosemary and cloves. Clove oil is a powerful disinfectant, anti-septic and is anti-bacterial. As always our products are non-toxic, safe for your home and septic tanks. 

*Please note product does not come with a spray trigger, you can purchase one in our accessories collection. 

  • Disinfectant & anti-bacterial.
  • Cleans all counters and surfaces.
  • Natural De-greaser for cooking utensils.
  • Removes limescale build up inside kettles.
  • Removes soap build up and mould.
  • Eliminates odours.

Don't forget to keep your bottle for our bottle exchange refill option. See about JAR page 'How It Works' section for more information.