Laundry Ecoegg - Just About Refills
Laundry Ecoegg - Just About Refills

Laundry Ecoegg

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The ecoegg Laundry Egg is a unique and innovative laundry washing system that effectively cleans clothes, using two types of natural mineral pellets encased in a recyclable egg. Laundry Egg completely replaces laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. It reduces single use plastic, is kind to your skin & pocket.

Directions: The mineral pellets in the ecoegg Laundry Egg work together with water to effectively draw dirt from your clothing fibres and soften your clothes by changing the pH, leaving your laundry clean and fresh. The mineral pellets are non-biological and do not contain any petrochemicals, enzymes, bleaches, phosphates, parabens, SLS/SLES, palm oil or microplastics.

The coegg Laundry Egg is suitable for handwashing. Soak egg in water for 5-10 minutes & then handwash as normal. The Laundry Egg can be used from 15 to 60 degrees Celsius.

* Hypoallergenic

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