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Probiotic Cleaning Bundle

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The probiotic cleaning bundle incorporates cleaning enzymes produced by indigenous microbes. Microbes keep drains and sponges odour-free and keeps grey-water fresher for longer. This product is septic-safe. Not recommended to use with chemicals as this will kill the live probiotics. 

Bundle Includes:

125 g- Probiotic Tank & Drain

200 ml- Probiotic Hand Wash

500 ml- Body Wash

50 ml- Probiotic Surface Cleaner Concentrate

50 ml- Probiotic Mighty Cleaner Concentrate

50 ml- Floor Cleaner Concentrate

750 ml- Probiotic Dish Washing Liquid

1 L- Probiotic Laundry Gel

- 1 Longnose Pump (dish liquid)

- 2 Lotion Pump (hand wash & body wash)

- 3 Spray Triggers for Amber Bottles

** First time bundle purchase only: 3 empty glass amber bottles will be included for Concentrate Cleaners. Pumps & triggers only included with first bundle purchase as well. **

* Use half of your 50 ml concentrate bottle to make a 500ml diluted cleaner. 25ml concentrate plus 475 ml water will give you a 500 ml diluted probiotic cleaner.